Presenters and participants

Eric Deibel, Recoding Life: Information and the biopolitical

Nathaie Mezza-Garcia, Open Source Governance?

Emma Harrison, After Electronic Civil Society: Algorithmic and Electronic Resistance Activism

Miriam Rasch, L’hasard objectif in a data society

Michael Airikka, En matematisk modell av nätverk med hjälp av dynamiska system

Simon Helperin, Kunskapsförmedling i det moderna samhället

Johan Söderberg, Transhumanism as a response to antropocene: accelerating towards more resilient life forms

Ditte Christensen, The Digital as metaphor

Sverker Lundin, A personal reflection on the Digital Humanties.

Adam Netzén, [title to be confirmed]

Andreas Erslev, [title to be confirmed]

Gustav Eek, participates without paper

Collaboration with other circles

There will be a joint session with circle X on Wednsday 27, at 9-11, about Johan Söderberg’s essay on Underdog metaphysics.