Winter Symposium


Tallinn University, Estonia, 17–19 March 2017

 Friday 17th March 2017

9.15-9.30 Opening (M-225)


Multidirectional Memory I (M-225)

Chair: Eneken Laanes

Victoria Fareld (Stockholm University): Entangled Memories of Trauma: Améry and Fanon

Charles I. Armstrong (University of Agder): ‘As Though Curtains Were Drawn Suddenly Aside’: Embedded Metaphors and Poetry of the Northern Irish Troubles

Colin Davis (Royal Holloway, University of London): ‘The Day War Broke Out’: Talking and Not Talking About War

11.00-11.30 Coffee


Memory and Narrativity I (M-225)

Chair: Eneken Laanes

Jens Brockmeier (The American University of Paris): Layers of Life

Hanna Meretoja (University of Turku): From Appropriation to Exploration: A Non-Subsumptive Model of Storytelling

Matti Hyvärinen (University of Tampere): Scaffolded and Unscaffolded Hindsight in Julian Barnes’ The Noise of Time

13.00-14.00 Lunch for registered participants


Transcultural Memorial Forms in Eastern Europe (M-225)

Chair: Anja Tippner

Eneken Laanes (Under and Tuglas Literature Centre/Tallinn University): Transnational Memory as Translation

Kristin L. Canfield (University of Texas, Austin): The Cold War in/of Holocaust Film: The Divergent Reception of Ida

Kaisa Kaakinen (University of Turku): Reading Comparatively in the Twenty-First Century – the Case of Joseph Conrad

Transnational Memory in the Graphic Novel (M-213)

Chair: Jakob Lothe

Dragoş Manea, Mihaela Precup (University of Bucharest): Transcultural Intelligibility and Cultural Memory in Gene Luen Yang’s Boxers & Saints

Dana Mihăilescu (University of Bucharest): Mediating Memories of World War II Violence in Contemporary United States: On Amy Kurzweil’s Flying Couch

Anna Vuorinne (University of Turku): Trauma, History, and Ethics in Comics: The Legacy of Maus

 15.30-16.00 Coffee

 16.00-17.30 (M-218)

Keynote: Michael Rothberg (University of California, LA): Inheritance Trouble: Migration and Transcultural Holocaust Memory in Contemporary Germany

19.00 Dinner for registered participants


Saturday 18th March 2017


Political Theology (M-225)

Chair: Hanna Meretoja

Hans Ruin (Södertörn University): Necropolitics: On the Constitution of Community through Caring for the Dead

Siobhan Kattago (University of Tartu): Haunted House: Memory, Ghosts and Political Theology in Lenin’s Mausoleum

Kuisma Korhonen (University of Oulu): Memories of Fire: Continuity, Destruction, Rebirth

11.00-11.30 Coffee


Memory and Migration (M-225)

Chair: Hanna Meretoja

Molly Andrews (University of East London): Representing the Pain of Others: Tensions of Ethical Scholarship

Cigdem Esin and Aura Lounasmaa (University of East London): Ethical Conversations: Working with Refugee Narratives in Calais Jungle

Anna Reading (King’s College London): Future Memories: (Un)settling Displacement and European Neofascism Through Imaginative Remembering

 13.00-14.00 Lunch for registered participants


Multidirectional Memory II (M-225)

Chair: Colin Davis

Anja Tippner (Hamburg University): Retroactive Juxtapositions: The Holocaust and the Expulsion of Germans in 21st Century Czech Literature

Jessica Ortner (University of Copenhagen): Transcultural Memory in Eastern European Migrant Literature – the Holocaust Revisited

Aušra Paulauskienė (Vytautas Magnus University): Holocaust Memory in the Formation of Lithuania’s Civic Society

Memory and Materiality (M-213)

Chair: Siobhan Kattago

Jakob Dahlbacka (Åbo Akademi University): ‘Inventio crucis’ – the Use of Biblical Narrative and History Culture as Prosthetic Memory When Converting a Night Club Into a Church

Kim Stefan Groop (Åbo Akademi University): Olukonda Mission Station as a (Trans-)Cultural Heritage

Tamara West (University of Manchester): The Dis-placement and Re-placement of Memory – A Physical and Virtual Stumbling Across Two Sites and Archives of Trauma

15.30-16.00 Coffee

 16.00-17.30 (M-218)

Keynote: Ann Rigney (Utrecht University): Imagination, Materiality, and the Remaking of Memory

19.00 Screening of Common Ground and talk with artist Kristina Norman, buffet dinner for registered participants


Sunday 19th March 2017


Archives of Trauma (M-225)

Chair: Kaisa Kaakinen

Aleksandra Kubica (King’s College London): Storytelling Memory: Museum on Wheels and Neglected Narratives about Former Jewish Inhabitants in Rural Poland

Neringa Latvyte-Gustaitiene (Vilnius University): Memorials and Memoralization of the Holocaust Sites in Lithuania

Claire Launchbury (School of Advanced Study, University of London): ‘How Am I Supposed to Talk to You, or With You or About You?’: Exploring the Refugee as Transcultural Memorial Form Co-Remembering the Nakba and the Shoah

 Changing Memory Regimes in Eastern Europe (M-213)

Chair: Siobhan Kattago

Neringa Klumbytė (Lithuanian Social Research Center and Miami University, Ohio): Transitional Justice and Memories of Post-WWII Anti-Soviet Resistance in Lithuania

Taras Boyko (University of Tartu): Changing the Story: from Soviet to Post-Soviet War/Military Related Monuments in Ukraine

Annika Toots (Estonian Academy of Art): The Family Album: From Personal Stories to Memory Wars in Estonian Art

10.30-11.00 Coffee


Memory and Narrativity II (M-225)

Chair: Kaisa Kaakinen

Avril Tynan (Royal Holloway, University of London): Reconstructing Everyday Life: Patrick Modiano and Sebastian Faulks

Unni Langås (University of Agder): The Uses of History in the Current Refugee Situation. On Madame Nielsen’s novel Invasionen

Dina Abazovic (University of Agder): ‘Everyone in Town Is Crying’:
Images of War in Sarah Kane’s Blasted

 12.30-13.30 Lunch for registered participants


Representation of Trauma (M-225)

Chair: Kaisa Kaakinen

Heta Kaisto
(Aalto University): Affections of Disaster — Taking Cue from the Method of Fragmentary Writing by Maurice Blanchot

Anja Portin (Aalto University): Narrative of Fragments – Documentary Essay as a Medium of Remembrance

Per Roar (KHIO, Oslo National Academy of the Arts): Docudancing Griefscapes

Representation of Memory (M-213)

Chair: Siobhan Kattago

Päivikki Romppainen (University of Oulu): Palimpsestic Writing – Provoking Ethical Reading?

Aura Nikkilä (University of Turku): Photographs as Vessels of Memory in Comics Dealing with Migration

15.00-15.30 Closing (M-225)


Contact: Eneken Laanes (, Hanna Meretoja (

Organisers: Study circle Narrative and Memory: Ethics, Aesthetics, Politics of the Nordic Summer University in collaboration with Estonian Graduate School of Culture Studies and Arts (supported by the Tallinn University’s ASTRA project, TLÜ TEE (European Union, European Regional Development Fund))

Partners: Tallinn University; Under and Tuglas Literature Centre of Estonian Academy of Sciences; EUROM: European Observatory on Memories, University of Barcelona; SELMA: Centre for the Study of Storytelling, Experientiality and Memory, University of Turku