Conceptual Analysis: Rhetoric, Poetics and Populist Talk in Contemporary Politics

Appearances of the Political 1/6

Winter Symposium: February 22-23, 2016, University of Latvia (Main Building, Raiņa bulvāris 19) in collaboration with University of Latvia

Monday 22 Feb

9.00-10.00   Welcoming by Dr. Dace Balode, Dean of the Faculty of Theology, UL & PhD Pauls Daija, Researcher, ILFA UL

Presentation of seminar, circle and NSU by Max Ryynänen & Carsten Friberg

10.00-10.45  Johanne Aarup Hansen, Identifying the political aspects of form

10.45-11.00  Break

11.00-11.30   Eret Talviste, Fictional and non-fictional peripheral areas as alternatives to neoliberalism?

11.35-12.05   Raine Vasquez, Challenges in Outlining the Possibility for a Political Art

12.05-12-25  Discussion

12.25-13.30  Lunch

13.30-14.00  Corinna Casi, Political Decisions in Landscape Choices: How the choice of a landscape or a natural species can be political?

14.05-14.45  Minna Heikinaho, The body relates with other and begin to speak. The author is not required (outside)

14.45-15.00  Break

15.00-15.30  Henrik Juel, A Study in the Rhetoric of the TV-camera – How powerful political figures are being presented on TV and video

15.35-16.05  Sergei Kruk & Ilva Skulte, Disappearance of the political. Computer analysis of Latvian parliamentary discourse

16.05-16.15   Break

16.15-16.45  Valdis Teraudkalns, Performing morality: recent debates on values in Latvia

16.50-17.20 Olga Petrova, Possible security and economic consequences for the European countries during the migration process from the Middle East

17.20-           Conclusions, comments, chatting

Tuesday 23 Feb

9.00-10.00     Reflections on yesterday

10.00-10.30   Carsten Friberg, The End of Enlightenment? – Or, how did academia loose its ideals?

10.30-10.45  Break

10.45-11.15    Max Ryynänen, Could political concepts be studied as aesthetic concepts?

11.20-11.50    Nils S. Konstantinovs, Catchers in the Rye: The Politics of Childhood. Constructing Image of a Child in Latvian Political Discourse

11.55-12.25   Laine Kristberga, The Unnoticed Art in Latvia: Pantomimes, Happenings and Carnivals

12.25-13.30   Lunch

13.30-14.00  Bill Thompson, Solipsism as a Research Method

14.05-14.45   Ann Mirjam Vaikla, Endeavour of Remembrance. Investigation of the phenomenon memorial

14.45-15.00   Break

15.00-15.30   Marija Semjonova, Searching for Woman Face of the Age of Perestroika: Sofi Oksanen’s “Stalin’s Cows” (2003)

15.30-             Conclusion


Participants without presentation:

Gioia Laura Iannilli

Santa Jansone

Marciana Krauze

Zane Radzobe

Giedrė Vaičekauskienė

Rosita Vaiciule

Download: WS 2016 Circle 2 Program