Plarent Aleksi, Political and Social Reality, “Panama Papers”; false politics and the social consequences (adherence to IS of young Europeans)

Epp Annus, Being singular plural: community, agency, authenticity in the context of Socialist realism

Corinna Casi, ”Political”: What does it mean. Open workshop.

Carsten Friberg, The Production of genius loci. Reflections on the ideologies of modern places

Aniruddha Gupte, Synthesizing Solutions. An exploration of the modern relevance of socialist East German design principles through the medium of plastics

Johann Aarup Hansen, Inventing the future – The making of neoliberal hegemony

Gioia Laura Iannilli, Design and Fashion, or the aesthetics of surface. How the immediacy of the aesthetic shape our everyday lives.

Iiris Konttinen, The Berlin wall as a heterotopian site

Noora-Helena Pauliina Korpelainen, Aesthetic Experience and Yoga Practice

Karolina Enquist Källgren, Figura, expression and the inauthentic subject in the thinking of María Zambrano

Eret Talviste, Affect and Nationalism: The Singing Revolution in Estonia between 1988 and 1991

Bill Thompson, What Happens to Deduction in the Here and Now?

Emma Ward, ‘The Real of Sex’: Identity and Authenticity, Sex and Gender Politics in Mina Loy’s Short Stories and Unpublished Manuscripts

Raine Vasquez, Towards the Possibility of a Political Art

Margus Vihalem, Is there a Soviet aesthetics? Experiencing the sensible of the Soviet era


Participanting also:

Stine Avlund

Þórný Barðadóttir

Max Ryynänen