Cybiosis: Shaping Human-Technology Futures

Call for Traces Summer Symposium July 2020

Due to the current circumstances the summer symposium will find its place in an alternative form: in form of Traces (contributions or events) submitted by the participants that would be accessible for everyone online as a live event or in a form of a documentation during the Symposium 26 July – 2 August 2020. Deadline for sending in proposals for Traces is 31st of May 2020 (Call extended till 7th of June)

About Cybioses: 

The aim of our group is to discuss and to examine the development of new human-technology relations and imaginaries. The name of the circle, ‘Cybiosis’ (pl. cybioses), is a neologism, based on ‘cybernetic’, ‘symbiosis’, and ‘bio’, and it embodies the new technological modes of living that we aim to investigate in the circle.

As a speculative metaphor, the term ‘Cybiosis’ allows us to imagine mutually beneficial relationships between cybernetic systems and human life. This directs our research interests to the ambivalent co-relationship between systems of symbioses and inclusion, on the one hand, and technologies that serve to commodify life forms and extend the networks of control, on the other.

We invite scholars, artists, students, technologists and other professionals working or writing on future technologies to take part in our ​study circle ​Cybioses: Shaping human-technology futures​, a migratory non-hierarchical group of ​international researchers​.

The aim of the ​Cybioses c​ircle is to bring together theorists, artists, practitioners, scholars, and technologists. Together we want to discuss practices of making and the social and cultural impact of future technologies. How can philosophical questions support the development of technologies? How in turn can technological practices and development inform philosophical, aesthetic, and sociological theories? And how can both making and theorizing help us imagining future technologies and their impact on societies? Is it possible to extrapolate from making? Guided by these questions we want to develop a philosophy for makers and a better practice for philosophy.

Summer session 2020: Far Human-Technology Futures 

In our previous symposia we have examined improvisation & creativity in relation to technology, and projection and prototyping as key practices of shaping futures. When is improvisation required in making or imagining futures? Can creativity be automated? And how can projecting into the future prevent us from repeating and prolonging what already exists today? What is the infrastructure of the prototype approaches?

For this summer session we invite the participants of our circle, as well as other theorists, artists, practitioners, and technologists to speculate on distant future scenarios and possible human-technology developments, that draws upon one or more of the themes discussed so far.

Our circle takes place within the Nordic and Baltic framework of Nordic Summer University (NSU).​ Since its inception, the primary aim of NSU has been to provide a forum for experimentation and cross-disciplinary collaboration welcoming members both from within and outside of universities and other institutions.

Call for Traces-Summer Session 2020

Previous Symposia:

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CFP Winter Session 2020 – Berlin – Germany

Projective Philosophies: tools and theories for making futures (July 28th – August 4th 2019, Roosta, Estonia)

CFP Summer Session 2019 – Roosta – Estonia

Technologies and Creativity (March 21-24, 2019, in collaboration with Nida Art Colony, Nida, Lithuania)

CFP Winter Session 2019 – Nida – Lithuania

Programme Winter Session 2019 – Nida – Lithuania

Technologies and Improvisation: tools and theories for uncertain futures (February 7-9, 2018, in collaboration with University of Gothenburg, Sweden)

CFP Ad Hoc Symposium 2018 – Gothenburg – Sweden

Programme Ad Hoc Symposium – Gothenburg – Sweden


Palle Dahlstedt (Sweden)
Coordinator Study Circle 2
palle [at]
Study Circle 2: Cybioses: Shaping Human-Technology Futures

Rafael Dernbach (Germany)
Coordinator Study Circle 2
rafael.dernbach [at]
Study Circle 2: Cybioses: Shaping Human-Technology Futures

Maru Mushtrieva (Russia / Germany)
Coordinator Study Circle 2
m.mushtrieva [at]
Study Circle 2: Cybioses: Shaping Human-Technology Futures