Board 2016:

Per Roar (Norway)
Chair Norway, 2013-2016
per.roar [at]
In charge of: NSU board & operation and the external affairs of NSU, including the Nordic Council of Ministers (NMR), NordForsk, and Föreningen Nordens Förbund (FNF). Contact for: NMR, Nordforsk, FNF, and NSU Operation, including the Political task force. Contact for: Circle X and ad hoc symposiums.

Corinna Casi (Finland)
Board member Finland, 2015-2016
corinna.casi [at]
Vice-chair. In charge of: NSU Study Program, including notification of deadlines, evaluation of exisiting circles, proposals for new study circles, and the scholarship and grant program. Contact for: the study circles 2 and 8, and the Children Circle (CC).

Johanna Sjöstedt (Sweden)
Board member Sweden 2015-2018
Coordinator Study Circle 3 (2017-2019) and (2020-2022)

johanna.sjostedt [at]
Study Circle 3.

Gísli Sveinn Loftsson (Iceland)
Board member Iceland, 2016
gisli.loftsson [at]
In charge of: NSU Economy. Contact for: the study circles 1 and 5.

Ragnhild Freng Dale (Norway)
Board member Norway, 2016-
ragnhild.dale [at]
In charge of: NSU Communication, i.e. PR, web, newsletters & archive. Contact for: Study Circles 6 and 7. In charge of the Political Task Force. Previously: Contact for: Circle 6 and 7.

Deputies 2016:

Gro Hellesdatter Jacobsen (Denmark)
Deputy Denmark 2017
ghja [at]
Deputy Denmark 2017 Previously: Deputy Denmark 2016, Study Circle 1: Transformations in welfare in the Nordic countries

Olga Breskaya (Belarus/Lithuania)
Deputy Baltic 2016, 2017
olga.breskaya [at]
Deputy Baltic 2016, 2017 Previously: Study Circle 5: International Relations and Human Rights

Luisa Greenfield (USA/Germany)
Deputy International 2016, 2017
luisa.greenfield [at]
Deputy International 2016, 2017. Affaffiliated with Study Circle 7 (2016-2018). Editor of NSU Newsletter.

Jutta Vikman (Finland)
Board member Finland 2017, Vice-Chair Finland/Denmark 2017
jutta.vikman [at]
In charge of: NSU Economy. Vice Chair. Contact for: the study circles 4, 8, Ad Hoc and X.

Þórný Barðardóttir (Iceland)
Deputy Iceland 2016
thornybarda [at]