Funding for 2016 secured. The future begins now.

In 2013 the NSU began an extensive process to improve our internal workings, and to expand our activities and exchange within the Nordic-Baltic community, including making a collaboration agreement with the Belarusian European Humanities University currently in exile in Vilnius, Lithuania. In Spring 2014, we created an overall strategy that included detailed goals for 2015-2017. In Autumn 2014, the external evaluation process of the NSU, which the Nordic Council of Ministers had requested, concluded that our six decades of experience and competence in facilitating network-building and interdisciplinary, cross-national research development still has a mission and relevance.

Since then the NSU has further developed its future plans and generated an activity plan for the period 2016-2023. This strategy plan consists of two consecutive four-year projects: For the period 2016-2019 NSU will be focusing on the Baltic Sea States region, and for the period 2020-2023 on the West-Nordic and the Arctic regions.

First after a long and intense process, the Nordic Council decided in Reykjavik, Iceland, 27-29 October 2015, to grant funding for 2016 to the NSU, and thereby secured the first step of this plan for the future. The NSU could not have achieved this result without strong support, and will thank all of you who have contributed to secure this decision.
The NSU is especially grateful to all the Nordic parliamentarians who fought for our continuous existence, as well as the numerous scholars and academic boards who wrote petitions to support us. The campaign page SAVE NSU>> contains these impassioned letters of support that NSU has received over the last few years. Your persistent effort and advocacy for the existence of the NSU made the difference. Thank you!

In 2016 the NSU will work on securing a more predictable funding scheme for our activities, based on our strategy plan for 2016-2019 and the forthcoming for 2020-2023. In this way, we want to strengthen the impact of our Nordic contribution, which is, to offer a rare and interdisciplinary learning environment that facilitates for cross-national networks for scholars, students and artists alike, in the Nordic and Baltic communities and beyond.

The NSU Political Task Force:
Carsten Friberg (former chair of the NSU, Denmark)
Kasper Kristensen (participant in the NSU, Finland)
Johan Söderberg (former board member of the NSU, Sweden)
Ágúst Þór Árnason (former board member of the NSU, Iceland)
Johanna Sjøstedt (board member of the NSU, Sweden)
Ragnhild Freng Dale (board member of the NSU, International/Norway)
Per Roar (chair of the NSU, Norway)