Practicing Communities: Transformative societal strategies of artistic research

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NSU Circle 7 Artistic Research: Summer Session Call for Potentials 2018

Artistic Research: reflecting inside and out

July 29th – August 5th, 2018 in Fårö, Sweden.

Invitation – We invite scholars and artists from all fields to take part in our Practicing Communities: Transformative societal strategies of artistic research study circle, a migratory non-hierarchical group of international artistic researchers. Our circle is developed within the Nordic and Baltic framework of Nordic Summer University. Since its inception, the primary aim has been to provide a forum for experimentation and cross-disciplinary collaboration welcoming members both from within and outside of universities and art institutions.

Theme – In this summer session, artistic research Circle 7 will be welcoming workshops, working groups, interventions, presentations and experiments exploring themes of:
Artistic Research: reflecting inside and out.

The main question concerns self-reflection and connections between individual experiences and external socio-political situations. In what ways do those involved in various forms of artistic research, hold up a mirror and reflect the world. How does their process of reflecting inside, reveal the outside?

Potentials for presentations, performances, experiments, workshops and provocations may include:

-Reflecting on the role of artistic research on societal strategies

-Considering the act of reflection as a creative process within artistic research and practice

-Explore ways individual experiences of artistic researchers and practitioners reflect and impact on external socio-political situations

-Examine fluidity between internal and external boundaries in artistic research within the context of socio-political situations

-Exploring shifting roles of artistic research within context of self reflection and external reflection

-Presenting examples, suggestions and experiments for practical ways to create and implement strategies of reflection as creative practice that relates to socio-political situations

About Study Circle 7

The Circle 7 2016-2018 cycle is called: Practicing Communities: Transformative societal strategies of artistic research and this summer symposium will be the last of six symposia taking place in a different Nordic or Baltic country. The focus of Practicing Communities is on building generative communities through the interweaving of localities, practices and strategies. The circle aims to explore and create transformative societal strategies within a space where diversity is welcomed and fostered. The study circle provides a space for theoretical and artistic experimentation and the cross-fertilization of methodologies. It aims to develop insights that could be used in further research.

We welcome proposals for presentations of artistic research and interventions from various disciplines and formats such as indoor and outdoor experiments, workshops, demonstrations, on-site collaborations, excerpts of artistic work and theoretical reflections and short papers. Constellation presentations with one or more other members that reflect points of intersection in your work are also welcome.

Suggested formats – Suggested formats are within 30 minutes total, and can be formed of: 5 minutes presentation and 15 minutes discussion; 15 minutes presentation and 15 minutes discussion etc. If you wish to suggest longer performances or participatory workshops we are happy to discuss this with you but please note, unfortunately it is unlikely there will be space for durational presentations/performances that last over an hour.

Note that English is the favoured language for presentations since our group is international.

How to submit via email – deadline  To submit a proposal please include the following:

  1. A written proposal (Max. 350 words) with a title and descriptive subtitle. This text should include your presentation proposal, its format its preferred duration, facilities you need (i.e. technical equipment)
  2. A short bio (Max. 150 words)
  3. If you wish to participate without presentation deadline is May 25th but must send a short bio (Max. 150 words
  4. After you have been accepted, you must register and pay electronically deadline is June 1st.

Send proposals and bio via email to coordinators:

Ami Skånberg Dahlstedt and Lucy Lyons:

Key dates

Deadline to submit proposals is May 1st

Deadline to submit applications for scholarships and grants is APRIL 5th

Deadline to submit bios to participate without presenting May 25th

Deadline for electronic payment June 1st

The preliminary schedule will be announced on May 15, on where you can also find more information about NSU and sign up for the newsletter.

Prices and accommodation – The summer session will be held at Fårö Kursgård, which has the configuration of a small village with different cottages and smaller buildings, as well as larger buildings where meals and seminars will take place. We will also rent rooms at a nearby inn. For those willing to fully embrace the outdoors summer camp spirit, you can bring your own tent or caravan and camp at the site!

The total price per adult person ranges from 2100 SEK – 7000 SEK depending on what kind of accommodation you choose. Grant and scholarship recipients will be given accommodation in shared 4-bedrooms. The participation fee is 600 SEK for grant holders and 400 SEK for scholarship recipients. All prices indicated are per person for a total of 7 nights and include full board (breakfast, lunch, coffee breaks and dinner). More detailed information about the summer session, including all available room types and family prices, will be sent out in the April newsletter.

Scholarship and Grant Program – NSU will provide 18 scholarships for students and 18 grants for others in need of a subsidy in order to attend the summer session. Deadline 5th April. For more information on the application process, see

Please note that people who receive grants and scholarships are expected to help ARRKOM with small tasks for example writing blog posts, sharing their experience, distributing information if needed, and helping out with setting up and cleaning up the picnic.

ECTS – PhD and MA students are eligible for up to five ECTS points for participation and presentation of a paper. See also:

Parents with children –We welcome families at the Summer Session. Just like previous years, there will be a separate circle for children between 3 and 15 years. In the children’s circle, we offer a variety of activities for children and youth, running parallel to the other study circles. See

The Nordic Summer University (NSU) is a Nordic network for research and interdisciplinary studies. NSU is a nomadic, academic institution, which organises workshop-seminars across disciplinary and national borders. Since it was established in 1950, Nordic Summer University has organised forums for cultural and intellectual debate in the Nordic and Baltic region, involving students, academics, politicians, and intellectuals from this region and beyond.

Decisions about the content and the organisational form of the NSU lay with its participants. The backbone of the activities in the NSU consists of its thematic study circles. In the study circles researchers, students and professionals from different backgrounds collaborate in scholarly investigations distributed regularly in summer and winter symposia during a three-year period.

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NSU Circle 7 – Practicing Communities: Transformative societal strategies of artistic research:

We invite scholars and artists from all fields to join the artistic research study circle 7 which pursues an interdisciplinary collaborative approach to combining practices and strategies from various geographic, contextual, societal, institutional and non-institutional spaces. The 2016-2018 cycle is called: Practicing Communities: Transformative societal strategies of artistic research.

The theoretical and artistic research proposed within the Circle seeks to actively include new practitioners and dialogical strategies. It offers a unique, creative and critical context in which to continue practice and research emphasising longevity and slow research. This enables research/practice to develop over time encouraging interweaving processes and practices to form collaborations. These aim to foster activities and strategies that spread ideas, projects, inspiration and knowledge far beyond the study circle.

Societal strategies involve transformation. This means practices have the opportunity to change and artistic interventions into society will have an effect on those engaging in them. By strategies we mean the use of artistic research methods as well as appropriation of methodologies from other fields to form plans of action designed to achieve long-term aims. For example the political potentials of ways in which we can work with horizontal models of decision-making and cooperation based on non-hierarchical models as formulated and put into affect by NSU. This reflects the need to test, break and build together individual and collaborative notions of practice and strategy as well as take these beyond our ever-changing group into institutional and non-institutional strata of society.

Swedish version:

Vi välkomnar forskare och konstnärer från olika fält att delta i studiecirkel 7 som ägnar sig åt konstnärlig forskning. Cirkeln verkar för tvärvetenskapliga samarbeten där metoder och praktiker från olika geografiska, kontextuella och samhälleliga områden möts, såväl inom institutionella som icke-institutionella sammanhang. Cirkeln har utvecklats som ett nordiskt och baltiskt samarbete inom Nordiskt Sommaruniversitet. Sedan starten har det primära syftet varit att erbjuda ett forum för experiment, fördjupning och tvärvetenskapligt samarbete i relation till det konstnärliga området. Studiecirkel 7 har sedan 2003 arbetat med olika teman kopplat till praktikbaserad och konstnärlig forskning och publicerat två antologier. År 2013-2015 arbetade cirkeln med temat Crossing Contexts: Interventions through artistic research. Nuvarande period 2016-2018 samlas vi under rubriken: Practicing Communities: Transformative societal strategies of artistic research.

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Lucy Lyons (United Kingdom)
Coordinator Study Circle 7
lucylyons68 [at]
Study Circle 7: Practicing Communities: Transformative Societal Strategies of Artistic Research

Ami Skånberg Dahlstedt (Sweden)
Coordinator Study Circle 7
amimaisha [at]
Study Circle 7: Practicing Communities: Transformative Societal Strategies of Artistic Research