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NSU Circle 7 – Practicing Communities: Transformative societal strategies of artistic research:

The 2016-2018 cycle was called: Practicing Communities: Transformative societal strategies of artistic research.

The theoretical and artistic research proposed within the Circle seeks to actively include new practitioners and dialogical strategies. It offers a unique, creative and critical context in which to continue practice and research emphasising longevity and slow research. This enables research/practice to develop over time encouraging interweaving processes and practices to form collaborations. These aim to foster activities and strategies that spread ideas, projects, inspiration and knowledge far beyond the study circle.

Societal strategies involve transformation. This means practices have the opportunity to change and artistic interventions into society will have an effect on those engaging in them. By strategies we mean the use of artistic research methods as well as appropriation of methodologies from other fields to form plans of action designed to achieve long-term aims. For example the political potentials of ways in which we can work with horizontal models of decision-making and cooperation based on non-hierarchical models as formulated and put into affect by NSU. This reflects the need to test, break and build together individual and collaborative notions of practice and strategy as well as take these beyond our ever-changing group into institutional and non-institutional strata of society.

Swedish version:

Vi välkomnar forskare och konstnärer från olika fält att delta i studiecirkel 7 som ägnar sig åt konstnärlig forskning. Cirkeln verkar för tvärvetenskapliga samarbeten där metoder och praktiker från olika geografiska, kontextuella och samhälleliga områden möts, såväl inom institutionella som icke-institutionella sammanhang. Cirkeln har utvecklats som ett nordiskt och baltiskt samarbete inom Nordiskt Sommaruniversitet. Sedan starten har det primära syftet varit att erbjuda ett forum för experiment, fördjupning och tvärvetenskapligt samarbete i relation till det konstnärliga området. Studiecirkel 7 har sedan 2003 arbetat med olika teman kopplat till praktikbaserad och konstnärlig forskning och publicerat två antologier. År 2013-2015 arbetade cirkeln med temat Crossing Contexts: Interventions through artistic research. Nuvarande period 2016-2018 samlas vi under rubriken: Practicing Communities: Transformative societal strategies of artistic research.

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