International Relations and Human Rights

Immanuel Kant observes that States feel a need to justify themselves, and this is still observable today, when we study various States reactions to human rights and the emergence of a global human rights oriented public system. We believe that this need for justification requires some further explanation, and this will be the overall theme of the circle. Why do human rights have any effect at all and how should we explain this influence? The focus will be on human rights and international relations. This should be done both in order to understand how they interact and how they can work together, and in doing so we will endeavour to establish a dialogue between theoretical and practical considerations verifying or sustaining the one with the other. Presently the circle gathers scholars and human rights activists from the Nordic and Baltic countries and Eastern Europe.


We are pleased to present the latest program for the upcoming summer session:

NSU Summer Session 2017 – Program Circle 5 28-07-2017 – 2

NSU Summer Session 2017 – Preliminary Program Circle 5

Call for Papers – Circle 5 – July 26-August 2 2017

We are happy to present our proposal for a NEW study circle:

Proposal for New Study Circle REVISED


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Proposal for New Study Circle – International Relations and Human Rights


Oleg Bresky (Belarus/Lithuania)
Coordinator Study Circle 5
oleg.bresky [at]
Study Circle 5: International Relations and Human Rights

Mogens Chrom Jacobsen (Denmark)
Coordinator Study Circle 5, Deputy Denmark 2017
chrom [at]
Deputy Denamark 2017, Study Circle 5: International Relations and Human Rights