The NSU Press publishes peer-reviewed anthologies and monographs in collaboration with Söderström’s Publishers and Aarhus University Press. The publications are generally connected to the activities of the study circles. Anyone who has participated in the Nordic Summer University is eligible to submit a book proposal to NSU Press. Books are either published in a Nordic language or in English.

NSU Press is currently seeking people who would like to write reviews of the published books.

For further information about NSU Press and to receive review copies, please contact the NSU Press at nsupress [at]

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Participants in each year’s Summer Session can also purchase publications at a reduced price. These should be ordered in advance and can be collected at the event.

Artistic Research: Being There. Explorations into the local.. (NSU Press) Eds. Luisa Greenfield Myna Trustram & Eduardo Abrantes, 2018, 199 pages
Experiencing the Everyday. (NSU Press) Eds. Carsten Friberg & Raine Vasquez, 2017
Ethics, Democracy, and Markets. Nordic Perspectives on World Problems. (NSU Press) Eds. Giorgio Baruchello, Jacob Dahl Rendtorff & Asger Sørensen, 2016, 306 pages
Rights of Children in the Nordic Welfare States: Conceptual and Empirical Enquiries. (NSU Press) Eds. Jeanette Åkerström & Gro Hellesdatter-Jacobsen, 2015
Artistic Research: Strategies for Embodiment. (NSU Press) Eds. Christine Fentz, Tom McGuirk & Emeline Eudes, 2015
Alenka Zupancic, Why Psychoanalysis?: Three Interventions (NSU Summertalks #2) (reprint). (NSU Press), 2014, 80 pages
Creation, Rationality and Autonomy: Essays on Cornelius Castoriadis. (NSU Press) Eds. Ingerid Straume & Giorgio Baruchello, 2013, 273 pages
New tools in welfare research. (NSU Press) Eds. Elinor Brunnberg & Elisabet Cedersund, 2013, 359 pages
Mogens Chrom Jacobsen, Three Conceptions of Human Rights. (NSU Press), 2012, 475 pages
Asger Sørensen, Den moralske virkelighed. (NSU Press), 2012, 478 pages
Humaniora i kunskapssamhället. En nordisk debattbok. (NSU Press) Eds. Jesper Eckhardt Larsen & Martin Wiklund, 2012, 338 pages
Depoliticization: The Political Imaginary of Global Capitalism. (NSU Press) Eds. Ingerid Straume and J.F. Humphrey, 2011, 250 pages
Learning from the Other: Intercultural Metalogues. (NSU Press) Eds. Michael Paulsen, Oleg Koefoed, Christian Ydesen & Joakim Kromann, 2011, 394 pages
Spheres of Exemption, Figures of Exclusion - Analyses of Power, Order and Exclusion. (NSU Press) Eds. Gry Ardal Christensen og Jacob Bock, 2010, 250 pages
Francisco de Vitoria: Udvalgte politiske skrifter om regeringsmagten, folkeretten og erobringen af Amerika. (NSU Press) Eds. Adam Diderichsen og Mogens Chrom Jacobsen, 2010, 230 pages
Hartmut Rosa, Alienation and Acceleration. Towards a Critical Theory of Late-Modern Temporality (NSU Summertalks #3). (NSU Press), 2010, 80 pages
At the Intersection Between Art and Research. Practise Based Research in the Performing Arts. (NSU Press) Eds. Carsten Friberg og Rose Parekh-Gaihede, 2010, 250 pages
Andrew Bowie, Philosophical Variations: Music as 'Philosophical Language'. (NSU Press), 2010
Peter Wagner, Plurality and Progress. Modernity in Political Philosophy and Historical Sociology. (NSU Press), 2010, 101 pages
Asger Sørensen, I lyset af Bataille. Filososofiske studier 1991-2007. (Politisk Revy), 2009
John Rawls' Politiske Filosofi. (NSU Press) Eds. Mogens Chrom Jacobsen, Søren Flinch Midtgaard & Asger Sørensen, 2009, 314 pages
Dialectics, Self-Consciouness, and Recognition. The Hegelian Legacy. (NSU Press) Eds. Asger Sørensen, Morten Raffnsøe-Møller og Arne Grøn, 2009, 272 pages
Tong Shijun, Theoretical Dialogues in Practice (NSU Summertalks #4). (NSU Press), 2009, 83 pages
Enrique Dussel, Frigørelsesfilosofi. (Politisk revy, København) Eds. Asger Sørensen, 2008, 346 pages
Æstetik og politisk magt. Otte analyser af aktuelle forhold mellem æstetik og politik. (NSU Press) Eds. Marie Østergaard Møller & Sara Nordmann Thordsen, 2008, 309 pages
Alenka Zupancic, Why Psychoanalysis?: Three Interventions (NSU Summertalks #2). (NSU Press), 2008, 80 pages
Välfärdspolitik i praktiken. Om perspektiv och metoder i forskning. (NSU Press) Eds. Elinor Brunnberg och Elisabeth Cedersund, 2007, 250 pages
Den ondeste mand i live? - Læsninger af og mod Carl Schmitt. (Museum Tusculanum, København) Eds. Mikkel Thorup, 2007, 208 pages
Retten til basisinkomst - en demokratisk frigørelse. (NSU Press) Eds. Erik Christensen, Karsten Lieberkind & Christian Ydesen, 2007, 431 pages
Sergio Cremaschi, Normativity within the Bounds of Plural Reasons. The Applied Ethics Revolution (NSU Summertalks #1). (NSU Press), 2007, 108 pages
Carsten Bagge Laustsen & Bülent Diken, Sociology Through the Projector. (Routledge), 2007, 250 pages
Fotografiske dialekter. (NSU Press) Eds. Jannie Uhre Mogensen og Claus Krogholm, 2006, 185 pages
Fordringen på anerkendelse. (KLIM, Århus) Eds. Henrik Stampe Lund, Anders Petersen, Moritz Schramm, Rasmus Willig, 2006, 218 pages
Magtens tænkere. - Politisk teori fra Machiavelli til Honneth. (Samfundslitteratur, Frederiksberg) Eds. Carstens Bagge Laustsen og Jesper Myrup, 2006, 500 pages
Actualities of Aura: Twelve Studies of Walter Benjamin. (NSU Press) Eds. Dag Petersson og Erik Steinskog, 2005, xi+297 pages
Lars Erslev Andersen and Jan Aagaard, In the name of God The Afghan Connection and the U.S. War against Terrorism. The Story of the Afghan Veterans as the masterminds behind 9/11. (University Press of Southern Denmark, Odense), 2005, 253 pages
Among Men . (Ashgate) Eds. Søren Ervø & Thomas Johansson, 2003, 344 pages
Sense and Senses in Aesthetics. (NSU Press) Eds. Per Bäckström & Troels Degn Johansson, 2002, 242 pages
Ruinøs modernitet. (NSU Press) Eds. Erik Steinskog, Troels Degn Johansson och Claus Krogholm Kristiansen, 2000, 180 pages