Board 2018:

Disa Kamula (Finland)
Chair Finland 2017-
disa.kamula [at]
Chair 2017-. Contact for: The Nordic Counsil of Ministers (NCM), Föreningen Norden Forbund (FNF), & the children's circle.

Johanna Sjöstedt (Sweden)
Vice-Chair 2018-
Secratary 2018-
Board member Sweden 2016-
Coordinator Study Circle 3

johanna.sjostedt [at]
In charge of: NSU Communication. Contact for: Study Circles 3 and 6, & Arrkom.

Kristian Guttesen (Denmark)
Board member West Nordic Region, Denmark 2018-
guttesen [at]
NSU Treasurer. Contact for: Föreningen Norden Forbund (FNF), & Study Circles 1 and 8.

Eret Talviste (Estonia)
Board member Baltic States 2018-
eret.talviste [at]
In charge of: NSU Publications 2018. Contact for: Study Circles 4 and 7, & the keynote speakers.

Deputies 2018:

Gro Hellesdatter Jacobsen (Denmark)
Deputy Denmark 2017
ghja [at]
Deputy Denmark 2017 Previously: Deputy Denmark 2016, Study Circle 1: Transformations in welfare in the Nordic countries

Mogens Chrom Jacobsen (Denmark)
Coordinator Study Circle 5, Deputy Denmark 2017-2019, Board member 2019
chrom [at]
Board Member Denmark 2019, Deputy Denmark 2017, Coordinator Study Circle 5: International Relations and Human Rights

Johan Söderberg (Sweden)
Coordinator Study Circle 6, Deputy Sweden 2018
johan.soderberg [at]
Study Circle 2: Cybiosis: Shaping Human-Technology Futures

Raine Vasquez (Finland)
Deputy Finland 2017, 2018
raine.vasquez [at]
Deputy Finland 2017 Previously: Study Circle 2: Appearances of the Political, Coordinator 2 2014-2016

Synne Myreböe (Sweden)
Deputy Denmark 2018 Coordinator Study Circle 3
synne.myreboe [at]
Study Circle 3: Feminist Philosophy: Ehtics