NSU Board

The NSU Board is its executive body. The board consists of five members,  four of which must be representatives from different Nordic or Baltic countries. The president and board members are elected by participants of NSU to serve for one calendar year at a time.  Areas of responsibility are divided among the board members and include- economy, press and archive, study program, communication and PR, external relations, and management of internal board affairs. Board meetings take place in person a minimum of four times a year.

Protocols from board meetings are made public and can be found on this website. Archive >>

Board 2018:

Disa Kamula (Finland)
Chair Finland 2017-
disa.kamula [at] nsuweb.org
Chair 2017-. Contact for: The Nordic Counsil of Ministers (NCM), Föreningen Norden Forbund (FNF), & the children's circle.

Johanna Sjöstedt (Sweden)
Vice-Chair 2018-
Secratary 2018-
Board member Sweden 2016-
Coordinator Study Circle 3

johanna.sjostedt [at] nsuweb.org
In charge of: NSU Communication. Contact for: Study Circles 3 and 6, & Arrkom.

Kristian Guttesen (Denmark)
Board member West Nordic Region, Denmark 2018-
guttesen [at] nsuweb.org
NSU Treasurer. Contact for: Föreningen Norden Forbund (FNF), & Study Circles 1 and 8.

Eret Talviste (Estonia)
Board member Baltic States 2018-
eret.talviste [at] nsuweb.org
In charge of: NSU Publications 2018. Contact for: Study Circles 4 and 7, & the keynote speakers.

Nicole des Bouvrie (International)
Board member International 2018-
nicole.nobyeni [at] nsuweb.org
In charge of: Study Program. Contact for: Study Circles 2 and 5, new study circles, & ad-hoc projects.

Deputies 2018:

Gro Hellesdatter Jacobsen (Denmark)
Deputy Denmark 2017
ghja [at] sdu.dk
Deputy Denmark 2017 Previously: Deputy Denmark 2016, Study Circle 1: Transformations in welfare in the Nordic countries

Mogens Chrom Jacobsen (Denmark)
Coordinator Study Circle 5, Deputy Denmark 2017-2018
chrom [at] cegetel.net
Deputy Denamark 2017, Study Circle 5: International Relations and Human Rights

Johan Söderberg (Sweden)
Coordinator Study Circle 6, Deputy Sweden 2018
johan.soderberg [at] sts.gu.se
Study Circle 2: Cybiosis: Shaping Human-Technology Futures

Raine Vasquez (Finland)
Deputy Finland 2017, 2018
raine.vasquez [at] gmail.com
Deputy Finland 2017 Previously: Study Circle 2: Appearances of the Political, Coordinator 2 2014-2016

Synne Myreböe (Sweden)
Deputy Denmark 2018 Coordinator Study Circle 3
synne.myreboe [at] umu.se
Study Circle 3: Feminist Philosophy: Ehtics