Contact and Press

Board 2018

Kristian Guttesen (Denmark)
Board member West Nordic Region, Denmark 2018
guttesen [at]
In charge of: ...

Disa Kamula (Finland)
Chair Finland 201-2018, Vice-Chair Finland 2013-2015
disa.kamula [at]
Chair 2018. Previously: Chair 2017, Leader of Arrkom in 2016; in the board 2015 in charge of: NSU Economy. Contact for: the study circles 5, 7, X and the Ad hoc seminars.

Johanna Sjöstedt (Sweden)
Board member Sweden, 2016-2018
johanna.sjostedt [at]
In charge of: NSU Press. Contact for: Study Circles 1 and 3. Previously in 2015 in charge of: NSU Communication, i.e. PR, web, newsletters & archive. Contact for: Study Circles 3 and 4, as well as the NSU keynotes.

Eret Talviste ()
Board member Baltic States 2018
talviste.eret [at]
In charge of: ...

Ben Tyrer (United Kingdom)
Board member International 2017-2018
ben.tyrer [at]
In charge of: Study Program. Contact for: Study Circles 2 and 5. Previously: Study Circle 4: Psychoanalysis in Our Time