Welcome to NSU Summer Session 2016 – from 24th to 31st July in Orivesi, Finland



Orivesi is a small town of about 9600 inhabitants, close to Tampere (40 kilometers). The site for the Summer Session will be Orivesi Folk High School, which has been educating writers, visual artists, students in social sciences and musicians for over a hundred years (est. 1909).


A special NSU blog on the Summer Session 2016 is made by the arrangement committee (Arrkom) and contains practical information. Download a poster.


Keynote speakers

NSU proudly presents this year’s keynote speakers for the summer session: Professor Robert Pfaller, the Austrian philosopher behind the idea of “interpassivity” (http://www.robert-pfaller.com/), and Professor Elizabeth Povinelli, a distinguished scholar on late liberalism and anthropology (http://anthropology.columbia.edu/people/profile/354).


NSU Summer Session Program 2016

NSU Orivesi 2016 schedule


Application process

The application process has two steps: (1) Application to coordinators for acceptance. Application starts 1st of April and closes on 1st of May. You first choose a study circle, and then contact the coordinator of the study circle for acceptance to participate: http://nordic.university/study-circles/. After you have been accepted, the next step is (2) Registration and payments, which closed the 15th of June. All registration and payment will be done electronically.


Scholarships and grants

All scholarships and grants have been granted. Receivers have been contacted by Arrkom. Read more about the scholarships and grants here.



Changes have been made since newsletter no 1. 2016. The following prices are the current ones, currency in Euro per person:

Single room: 550
Double room: 320
Family members (in double room): 380
Children 5-18 years: 250
Children 2-4 years: 46
Children less than 2 years: 0

2016-06-17 Current status: Payments are still possible. Arrkom distributes rooms.


The ARRKOM 2016 welcomes you to join in!

Arja Hietanen (left), Disa Kamula, Davide Giovanzana and Max Ryynänen (front).