The Nordic Summer University (NSU) is seeking the services of a Web Editor to work on two NSU domains for a specific job.

General Description:

The NSU Web Editor will be required to review and refine the two NSU domains, the main NSU website and the internal NSU support page to ensure clarity and consistency. This job also entails basic copyediting and proofreading of both sites. He or she will work in collaboration with the contact person of the NSU Board to update the websites according to the Board’s requests.

NSU website:



  • Ability to maintain websites through web content management system (I.e. WordPress)
  • Proficiency in basic programming languages (I.e. PHP) is an advantage, at least willingness to learn basic skills in this domain when needed
  • Knowledgeable or willing to learn work with Airtable
  • Fluency in English language spoken and written
  • Good communication skills
  • Knowledge of the NSU is desirable


This position requires the following minimal time commitments:

  • Communication with NSU officer of web and support as needed
  • Skype with NSU Board as needed
  • Report to NSU Board member in charge of NSU Communications as needed
  • All work can be done remotely. Except necessary attendance at the following meetings to support the Board: at the NSU autumn meeting (in September-October) with the NSU Board and Coordinators that takes place over a weekend, and during the Summer Session (7-days July-August) (all expenses paid)

We expect this takes around 40 hours of work, excluding the attendance and work during the summer and  autumn.



  • Up to 10,000 SEK
  • You must be able to invoice NSU for your services.
  • Contract and work will be evaluated on an annual basis.